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Instalasi Apache 2.0.47

Download dan instal apache versi 2.0.47 :

[root@nablus src]# wget

[root@nablus src]# tar -xzvf httpd-2.0.47.tar.gz

[root@nablus src]# cd httpd-2.0.47

[root@nablus httpd-2.0.47]# ./configure --prefix=/usr/local/httpd-2.0.47 \

--enable-mods-shared=all \

--enable-suexec \

--with-suexec-bin=/usr/local/httpd-2.0.47/bin/suexec \

--with-suexec-caller=www \

--with-suexec-userdir=htdocs \

--with-suexec-docroot=/ \

--with-suexec-uidmin=99 \

--with-suexec-gidmin=99 \

--with-suexec-logfile=/usr/local/httpd-2.0.47/logs/suexec_log \


[root@nablus httpd-2.0.47]# make

[root@nablus httpd-2.0.47]# make install

Download dan install imap (disini imap digunakan agar –with-imap di php bisa berjalan) :

[root@nablus src]# wget

[root@nablus src]# tar -xzvf imap.tar.Z

[root@nablus src]# cd imap-2002d

[root@nablus imap-2002d]# make slx

Jika error, coba dengan perintah dibawah ini :

[root@nablus imap-2002d]# make slx SSLTYPE=none

Buat simlink :

[root@nablus imap-2002d]# ln -s c-client lib
[root@nablus imap-2002d]# ln -s c-client include

Download dan instal php versi 4.3.2 :

[root@nablus src]# wget

[root@nablus src]# tar -jxvf php-4.3.2.tar.bz2

[root@nablus src]# cd php-4.3.2

[root@nablus php-4.3.2]# ./configure \

--with-apxs2=/usr/local/httpd-2.0.47/bin/apxs \

--with-config-file-path=/usr/local/httpd-2.0.47/conf \

--with-imap=../imap-2002d \

--with-jpeg-dir \

--with-ttf \

--with-ftp \

--with-gettext \

--with-dbase \

--with-filepro \

--with-zlib \

--with-xml \

--with-gdbm \

--disable-display-source \

--disable-short-tags \

--enable-track-vars \

--enable-versioning \


[root@nablus php-4.3.2]# make

[root@nablus php-4.3.2]# make install

[root@nablus php-4.3.2]# cp php.ini-dist /usr/local/httpd-2.0.47/conf/php.ini

Edit file /usr/local/httpd-2.0.47/conf/httpd.conf, jika diperlukan ubah pada ServerName dan ServerAdmin dan serta tambahkan :

AddType application/x-httpd-php .php

DirectoryIndex index.html index.php

Start apache :

[root@nablus asfik]# /usr/local/httpd-2.0.47/bin/apachectl start

You’re done 🙂

Instalasi Apache 2.0.47 (DSO+suexec)+PHP 4.3.2 (Quick and Dirty


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